Saturday, August 26, 2006

selenaelissia scotio best track runner

I am a professional track runner in 1984 time frame. As a teenager and child I broke many state times for the 440 yards. Currently, I am attending a masters's certificate program at Villanova University. The master certificate programs I am taking are in two different majors. I also own a business called Gonzalez Enterprises which specializes in perfume and sports oils for the body. Gonzalez Enterprises was established in 1982 in Philadelphia. Later I moved to Espanola, NewMexico and resided there for years. My company was still in Philadelphia. Recently, my son Jose and I moved to Norristown, Pa. after residing in New Mexico for years. I attended college at The University of New Mexico, small colleges in Texas, Temle University in Philadelphia and also Villanova University. I plan to return to track running in a month or two. THe most important thing of all I most say Hello to all my children . I have children grown ranges down to the age of 1 years old and I am a grandmother as well.